Power washing precedes exterior painting Here at Erick’s painting, we love painting. But we also don’t mind a break from it every so often so that we can help our customers out with something else that can beautify the outside of their home: power washing. How can power washing help the look of your home, and why is it so important to get a professional to do it?

Before the new paint goes on: Power washing is a necessity when it comes to preparing a house for a new coat of paint. Of course you want to get rid of the stuff that you could get rid of with a garden hose…the outer layer of dirt and the cobwebs. But the under layers of dirt, those that have become bonded to the siding over the years, need a power washer strong enough to separate it from house without cracking the siding. It will also get off any loose paint that needs to come off before the work can be done by our exterior painters.

Brick and Concrete: While the layer of dust that builds up on brick and concrete might not bother you, the grime, fungus, and algae that start growing there might. Power washing is a great way to revitalize your brick facade or concrete walls and sidewalks so that they look as good as they ever have.

Fences: We’ve seen many, many fences that customers have power washed themselves, and it’s pretty obvious because there are marks scored into the wood, because they used a much too powerful setting when they were power washing. When the fences are stained the marks can’t be covered up, and they learned that that the “power” in power washing is relative!

Power washing is more complex than it seems, so It’s always best to let professionals handle your power washing. We’ve known people who have rented them for an hour only to break the siding and smash their windows, certainly losing money in the process. Whatever your power washing needs are, give Erick’s Painting a call and we’ll make sure to get it done right!