If you’ve hired us to come in and take care of your interior painting…thank you! We be sure to do our absolute best and deliver top-notch quality for every room in your house.

But have you been delaying painting the inside of your home because the drywall is damaged? Have you thought to yourself “I’ll get the basement painted as soon as I get that hole in the drywall repaired”? Well, we’ve got good news, because we can take of both at the same time, and when we’re done you’ll be glad that you did.

Why Call Two Different Contractors? – Most people don’t like dealing with contractors. When they have a large project, they call a general contractor so that they don’t have to deal with all the subcontractors. So when you need drywall repair and interior painters, you might be putting it off because it seems like twice the work.

When you deal with Erick’s Painting you just have to make one call, because we can deal with the drywall repair and spackling and move right on to the painting.

Lot of reasons – There are so many reasons people need drywall repair. Sometimes a pipe leaks, causing unsightly spots on the ceiling. Other times a door stopper gives out and allows the doorknob to bust a hole in the wall. Holes get created when people move furniture. No matter where the whole came from, we’ll fix it, spackle it, and paint it to make sure it looks as good as new.

Don’t put off your drywall repair any more…make one call and we’ll give you a free estimate. One estimate, one contractor for your work, and one invoice. It’s that easy, so don’t delay, contact Erick’s today!