1. We’ll Take Care Of Your Drywall Repair Before We Paint

      If you’ve hired us to come in and take care of your interior painting...thank you! We be sure to do our absolute best and deliver top-notch quality for every room in your house. But have you been delaying painting the inside of your home because the drywall is damaged? Have you thought to yourself “I’ll get the basement painted as soon as I get that hole in the drywall repaired”? We…Read More

  2. Looking For Exterior Painters In Ambler Who Will Treat You Right?

    When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing how much more there is to painting than just “painting.” After all, there’s so much prep work and cleanup than the painting, while being the most obvious change to your house, is only one piece of it when you take a closer look. The Proper Preparation: Preparation is key when you want a fast, accurate, and beautiful paint job. Windows must be c…Read More

  3. Why We Claim To Be The Best Painting Contractors In Ambler

    We admit, it’s easy to say that we’re the best painting contractors in Amber, Montgomeryville, and the surrounding area. And we have quite a few satisfied clients who will attest to our talents as painters. But we’d like to give you a few reasons why we believe we’re the best professional painters you’ll find. Quality: If you don’t like the work we do, why did we even show up in the fi…Read More

  4. We’ll Be Your Power Washer, Whether Or Not We’re Your Exterior Painter!

    Here at Erick’s painting, we love painting. But we also don’t mind a break from it every so often so that we can help our customers out with something else that can beautify the outside of their home: power washing. How can power washing help the look of your home, and why is it so important to get a professional to do it? Before the new paint goes on: Power washing is a necessity when it come…Read More

  5. Welcome To Erick’s Painting, Your Source For Professionals Painters!

    We’d like to welcome you to our new website, filled with all the information you need to find out how Erick’s can help you with all of your painting services! Erick’s Painting is determined to be the best painting contractor in the Ambler and  Montgomeryville area. We do this by offering not only top-quality painting services and cleanup, but also excellent customer service and communicatio…Read More