1. Does Your New Business Need Both an Interior and Exterior Painter?

      Opening a new business can be an exciting time, and we know there’s a lot on your mind. You have to deal with inventory, hiring new people, marketing, and a thousand other tasks. The good news is, when you contact a commercial painting company like Erick’s Painting, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Finding the Right Color There are two types of customers who come to us looking for our p…Read More

  2. Why Commercial Painting And Power Washing Is So important To Your Business

      If you own a small business, your paint job can say a lot about you. Sure, we’re talking about the colors you use, but more than that we’re talking about how the paint job (and how well you keep it maintained) affects your customers. Bringing customers in: There are many things that determine whether or not someone stops into your store. Maybe you’re the only person in town who offers a s…Read More

  3. 3 Things You’ll Want From Your Commercial Painter

      While painting a home and painting a business share many of the same characteristics, there are differences that a painter has to be aware of in order to make everything go as smooth as possible. When it comes time to paint your business, you should hire a company who understands what a business needs when it comes to commercial painting.   Timing: We fully understand that you can’t shut…Read More