1. Baker-Miller Pink — The Most Powerful Color In the World!

      We like talking about our painting services and the works that we can do for you as painting contractors. But every so often it’s fun to take a little side trip to learn about the power of colors. Most of you have probably heard that you have to be careful about the colors of certain rooms because of the way that it affects mood. If that’s the case, there might not be a more powerful color …Read More

  2. 4 Reasons You’ll Get a Better Paint Job By Hiring a Professional Painter

      Some people decide to take on their interior painting by themselves. After all, it will be a little cheaper, and...well, that’s about it, isn’t it? Instead of hiring a professional painter, they’ll take on the job themselves and end up taking a lot more time and end up with a messier room. But the most important reason to hire a professional painter is quality. Here are four reasons why y…Read More

  3. 3 Reasons To Hire A Room Painter And Say Goodbye To Plain Old White

      If you’ve been staring at the same color on the same four walls for too long, there might be a reason you’re bored with what you see. So many walls start as white and never get changed, which is a shame considering how many thousands of color options there are. Here are a few reasons you might want to give Erick’s Painting a job as your room painter. It Can Improve Your Mood - Colors …Read More

  4. We’ll Take Care Of Your Drywall Repair Before We Paint

      If you’ve hired us to come in and take care of your interior painting...thank you! We be sure to do our absolute best and deliver top-notch quality for every room in your house. But have you been delaying painting the inside of your home because the drywall is damaged? Have you thought to yourself “I’ll get the basement painted as soon as I get that hole in the drywall repaired”? We…Read More