Let us be your professional painters.Opening a new business can be an exciting time, and we know there’s a lot on your mind. You have to deal with inventory, hiring new people, marketing, and a thousand other tasks. The good news is, when you contact a commercial painting company like Erick’s Painting, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Finding the Right Color

There are two types of customers who come to us looking for our professional painting service. The first one comes to us with exact Pantone colors because they have been working with a marketing firm to establish the brand of their business, complete with fonts, styles, and, yes, color swatches that are acceptable to use. Others come to us to ask us “what do you think will work?”

For the first customer, we can get the perfect color they’re looking for. For the second, we’ll discuss what colors might look best for their new business.


Owning a franchise can certainly make things easier: you’re part of a supply chain and your design is already decided for you. But it can also make things harder: if you don’t get the exact color that the corporate office requires, you might be repainting after an inspection. Make sure you get the paint job perfect the first time with professional painting services from Erick’s Painting.

You’ve got enough on your mind when you open a business, so make sure to have one important item checked off your list: hiring the right local painter. Contact Erick’s Painting and we’ll make sure that you get the best paint job available in the Amber area!