Commercial painting can help keep you customers.
Every small business needs to maintain its image.

If you own a small business, your paint job can say a lot about you. Sure, we’re talking about the colors you use, but more than that we’re talking about how the paint job (and how well you keep it maintained) affects your customers.

Bringing customers in: There are many things that determine whether or not someone stops into your store. Maybe you’re the only person in town who offers a service, or maybe a friend recommended that they stop by. But for a customer who’s just walking by, the exterior walls are giving them a first impression. Maybe outside walls are dirty and need a power washing, or the paint is peeling off and you need a paint job. It’s hard enough to get new customers without scaring them away.

Making Customers Comfortable: Think about the average insurance office. Chances are when you think about it you have a very neutral feeling about it, because insurance companies just don’t seem to care about design or upkeep. The walls are white, there are scuffs on the baseboards, the doorknob has banged a hole into the plaster. It’s just not a comfortable place to be. If your business is “just kinda sitting there” give us a call and we’ll make it a place your customers want to be.

Bringing Customers Back: It’s always good to have returning customers. In fact, repeat customers are the only thing that keep most places in business. So when they do come back, you never want them to think “wow, this place used to be a lot nicer.” Never let you walls get so scuffed, dinged, and dented that your loyal customers start having a negative feeling when they walk in.

Don’t throw your customers away! When it’s time for a fresh coat, call your commercial painters in Ambler who can make your business shine!