fdefdfWe like talking about our painting services and the works that we can do for you as painting contractors. But every so often it’s fun to take a little side trip to learn about the power of colors.

Most of you have probably heard that you have to be careful about the colors of certain rooms because of the way that it affects mood. If that’s the case, there might not be a more powerful color in the world than Baker-Miller Pink.

Alexander Schauss

Alexander Schass was a scientist who wondered if color could affect emotional and hormonal change. Using himself as a guinea pig at first, he stared at an 18” X 24” card colored P-618, which was a combination of one pint of red trim semi-gloss outdoor paint and one gallon of pure white indoor latex paint. What he found was that it not only calmed people down, it actually slowed heart rates and affected muscle strength!

“Drunk-Tank Pink”

Schass convinced the Seattle, Washington Naval correctional institute to take part in an experiment. He hired local painters to paint some of the holding cells this new color to see if it would have an effect on prisoners. It worked better than they expected, as anyone who was put into these cells became calm after just 15 minutes. The color was named after the directors of the correctional institute, Baker and Miller.

Locker Room Advantage

High school and college coaches are always looking for every advantage possible. So when news of the power of Baker-Miller got around, many of them hired interior painters to paint the visiting team’s locker rooms pink. Baker-Miller was essentially a cheat code for winning games, as it would make the opposing team more relaxed and less aggressive. Because of this unfair advantage, most areas of the country require the locker rooms of both teams to be painted the same color.

It’s not likely you’ll be hiring professional painters to paint your rooms Baker-Miller pink, but it’s always good to know how the colors you choose will affect your mood. When you’re ready to paint, call Erick’s Painting and get a free quote!