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Erick's Painting are excellent local painters.As your painting contractors, we’re going to suggest that you see us for your painting needs. After all, it’s our job! But there are some very good reasons why you’ll want to use a painting company to handle the painting in your home or business.

Inside or Outside?

Nearly every inside paint is a water-based paint. This is because the fumes aren’t as caustic and clean-up is much, much easier. Some people swear by the supremacy of oil-based paint for use outdoors, but it’s not always necessary. As professional painters, we can help you decide which paint to use where.

Which Room Will We Be Painting?

There are more paints characteristics than you can imagine, and they are all made for specific purposes. Four of the most common aspects of paint that serve different purposes are gloss, durability, flexibility, and toughness. One of the most common reasons to have different paints in different rooms has to do with the anticipated level of wear or dirt that they’ll be subjected to. Ceiling paint isn’t going to have your child’s peanut butter covered hand prints all over it, so it doesn’t have to be washable. On the other hand, kitchen and bathroom paint should be washable so that spatter of vegetable oil and toothpaste can easily be washed off.

What Time Of Day Is It

One aspect of choosing a paint color that many people overlook is how it will look throughout the day, and on every wall. We can give you some advice on how a color will look when it’s dark outside and can even let you know how incandescent, fluorescent, and CFL bulbs will affect the color.

If you think this is overwhelming, don’t worry. As your painter we can help you decide which paint is for you. Contact us and let’s get started!




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