Our team of interior painters will take on any painting project you have! If you’ve got a home or business with dirty walls, old paint, chipped paint, or peeling wallpaper, it might be time for a fresh coat. We’ll talk with you on-site and discuss your expectations. We offer free estimates for our clients, so you can start your project off without any risk. From there, we’ll discuss an appropriate schedule for you, and we’ll dive in and get it done! We value our craft of being professional painters, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you’re satisfied with our work.

We know how valuable your home and commercial building interiors are, and we’ll make every effort to protect your surfaces from stray paint. With every project, we perform the following tasks:

Covering, Taping, and Masking

We’ll cover your surfaces with protective plastic to ensure that your interior stays pristine. We’ll tape off corner and caulking, and mask windows, immovable furniture and appliances, and anything else that’s prone to paint particles.

Wall Plate Removal & Replacement

We’ll also remove all wall plates (your outlet covers, light switch covers, phone line covers, etc.) before we paint, and we’ll reinstall them after we’re done with the job.

Hole Filling & Drywall Repair

We perform hole filling and drywall repair services per your request. If you’ve got cracked walls, wall holes (big and small), or simply just holes from nails and screws, we’ll fill ’em or repair ‘em.

Applying Two Coats Or More

We always apply at least two coats of paint. This ensures a uniform color across the entirety of your wall. It’s a standard we hold ourselves to.

Ready to tackle your next room painting project with just a phone call? Contact Erick’s Painting today!