At Erick’s Painters we pride ourselves on being the best professional painters possible. But we can’t be your exterior painters until the exterior has had proper repair. That why we spackle cracked and broken facades.

Spackling a hole or crack can bring your wall back to its original state. We provide spackling services as well as painting services, because — more often than not — you’ll want a perfect paint job after a perfect spackling repair. We know how to properly use spackling filler to repair even large holes and cracks. If you’re curious whether we can take on your specific spackling job, just give us a call!

We offer free estimates on our projects because we want you to be confident with our services. Once we’re on-site with you, we’re sure to gain your confidence. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with us, and the services we provide. We’ll discuss your needs, scheduling, and the cost of your project. And then we’ll get to work. We respect your environment and your schedule, and we’ll never impose on either. That means that we’ll come in to work on your project when it’s convenient for you; and we’ll be careful to protect the surroundings around your spackling repair. We’ll clean up after we finish… and we back all of our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Why do we go to such great lengths? Because we care. We value our craft as professional painters. We value our customers. We thrive on word of mouth advertising. Choose Erick’s Painting and you won’t be disappointed!